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Let the Words of My Mouth Be Pleasing

Eighteen hundred years ago, a second century physician named Galen became world famous for being the first doctor to disect the human larynx (voice box) and his sketches of the anatomy of the human vocal chords, false vocal chords, resonating chambers, et-cetera quickly became known all over the medical world. He is widely regarded as the first scientifically based voice and singing teacher. When asked by his medical associates why he had such a strong interest in the production of sound, he said that "the human voice was the womb of the soul. No other part of human anatomy gives birth to what hides in the heart like the voice." Let's see what the Bible says about this idea.

In Psalm 19, David prayed an incredible prayer. "Let the words of my mouth be pleasing and the meditations of my heart acceptable in your sight, Oh Lord." The Bible goes on later to state that "out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks." Seems that Dr. Galen was actually on to something here. You see, the Bible plainly teaches that the words coming out of our mouth reflect the condition of our heart. It showcases everything that we try to hide inside and keep secret. In Psalm 19, David talks about how everyone has a hard time noticing the sins that are presumptuously hidden within. They are especially hard to see in our selves. He implies in this chapter that God is able to see through what we say all the way to the heart that prompted it. He then finishes by praying for God to be pleased not only with the words that came out of his mouth but more importantly with the heart that gave birth to them.

Right now, as a church we are focused on addressing and then tearing down the things that build barriers between us and God. Holiness in thought, action and speech have always been important aspects of the character of God. The Roman soldiers who were sent to arrest Jesus came back empty-handed and awestruck. They said that "No one ever spoke like this Man." We must always try to speak in a way that brings glory to God and His holy nature. But how do we do this? Let's follow the example of David and his prayer. Always start with the condition of the heart. The holiness of Christ can never be pounded in from the outside. It takes a creative work of the Holy Ghost on the inside. Whenever I say something I shouldn't, I ask the Lord to show me what it was in my heart that made that come out. Was it jealousy, pride, anger, unforgiveness? The only real way to have a tongue that doesn't hurt but that chooses to love, bless, encourage and support is to allow God to change the heart on a continual basis. If we don't want it to come out of our mouths, don't try to hide it in our hearts.

What was true thousands of years ago is even more true today: Just like with a pregnancy, What we think we have hidden inside will get too big to hide and will grow too big to stay in there. Let's choose to have our voice (the womb of the soul) bring forth life that reflects a loving heart and pleases God.

Pastor Ed Brewer


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