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Lonliness Has A Purpose (Part 2)

In Psalm 68:1 David prayed “Let God arise, and His enemies be scattered.” In our carnal nature, we want to automatically go to the extremes (so we’re not included) and think of those who were willingly wicked (e.g. Hitler, Caesar, Nero). The scripture says that these will eventually perish. However, this isn’t the only thing He’s talking about. Anyone can be an obstruction to God’s working and plan when they’re not yielded to and being led by The Spirit. This doesn’t mean they’re evil, just that they’re unaware. Try this sometime: privately vow to have a time of fasting and prayer before God and see how long it takes for people to offer you food. Similarly, sit down to do a real Bible study and see how many old friends (that normally don’t call) suddenly remember your number.

In Psalm 68:2 David prays that the enemies of God’s workings will melt away like wax or blow away before Him like smoke. It is usually the case that when we feel alone, The Holy Spirit of God is breathing on the situation and what we think are people wandering from us are actually just receding smoke that had blocked our view of God. He is gently blowing it away. But, FEAR NOT. God has faithfully overcome the world. When the smoke clears and there’s seemingly nothing left to see, “you’ll always find God if you look for Him with your whole heart.” The Bible instructs us to “cry out to the LORD.” But after we’ve done that, we must take time to listen. That’s why He sets up situations like this. LOOK and LISTEN.

David then says in Psalm 68:3-6 that the righteous will be glad and come before the LORD with gladness, praising and rejoicing for what He just did. Furthermore, he states that God plans to give the desolate a homeland, to set the lonely into families, and to lead forth with singing the prisoners that He set free. It’s all there in God’s plan. Even more than you do, He loves the family you’re in, the workplace where He planted you, and the church that He led you to. Everything that you need (and more) will be returned. But God, Your God, is a personal God. And although He prizes unity, He isn’t nearly as impressed with corporate things as we are. He sees you first, as His bride. And like all bridegrooms, He looks forward to times of intimacy.

So, when you think you’re alone or feel lonely, realize that you’re never even close to alone. Then pray and ask the LORD: “God, what’s this all about? Are you separating me from everything for a time unto Yourself?” “If that’s Your desire, LORD, the cry of my heart is ‘yes’.

When we respond appropriately to it, Loneliness has a purpose. It drives us to seek for Love. Bride of Christ; Find that love in intimacy with your Groom.

Arise, my love, my fair one, and come away.

Song of Solomon 2:13 KJV

Take me away with You – Let us Hurry!

Let the King bring me into His chambers

Song of Solomon 1:4 NIV

Pastor Ed Brewer


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