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Love Never Fails

“Love Never Fails.” 1 Corinthians 13:6

What a simple verse, just three words, “Love….never…..fails.” This simple verse, however, is one of the most powerful statements in the Word of God. Sometimes we pursue God for what He can give us. Such as we ask for gifting of “spiritual depth”: inspirational speech, prophecy, great faith, generous heart for poor even willingness to be a martyr for Christ and other wonderful attributes.

By the time we complete this chapter we find that while all these giftings and attributes are there for us, however, the one that does not pass away and does not fail is love. Why, may you ask? It is my opinion it is because God is love. He never fails or forsakes us. God was in the beginning, and He has no end. In fact, another translation for this passage, the word “fail” means “no end.” The God whose love never ends. The God of the Universe doesn’t need any of the things He gave us to use on earth, that is why they will pass away. God is much more interested in the love we reflected from Him…an unending love to others. Love is the capstone.

How can we have a love that does not fail or end. We must be connected to the source of the everlasting love of God. Love is the ultimate draw, attribute, and prize. We are to pursue, treasure it and given it without end.

Pastor Ruth Kaunley


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