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Love Rejoices in Truth

“Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth.”  I Corinthians 13:6


Chapter 13 of 1 Corinthians is considered the “love chapter” of scripture.  No doubt it is one of the most used passages at wedding ceremonies.  This chapter rightly teaches us about what love truly is and is not.  While the chapter is all those things, Apostle Paul was dealing with the Corinthian church and combatting serious problems in the congregation, abuses of gifts, division, envy, selfishness, impatience and yes evil. 


In the book of 1 Corinthian, Apostle Paul tells this congregation you are allowing evil to infiltrate the church and see yourselves as tolerate rather than teaching and acting on truth.  Truth is not an emotion; it is a standard that God sets, and true love rejoices in it. 


Ephesians 4:15 tells us to “speak the truth in love.”  This verse gives us a pattern to proclaim the truth of God’s Word.  Sometimes we do not speak the truth because we are afraid it will hurt the person’s feeling.  Sometimes we do speak the truth without love.  The result of either of these communications is not effective for this reason:  absence of truth or absence of love.  However, in tantum—love and trust are perfect partners in presenting truth in the most effective way.


True love does not try to coverup sin or sweep evil under the rug or overlook injustice.  Neither does it gloat when someone is caught and humiliated by their sin.  Rather it rejoices in the righteousness; being in right relationship with God and truth give them the opportunity to have just that.


The Bible teaches that God is love.  However, the God of love has made a way through his Son Jesus, to remove sin and evil as far as the east is from the west to be remembered no more.  Refusing to accept the truth of God’s plan and love results in sorrow rather than rejoicing.


Our responsibility as followers of Jesus is to know the truth of God’s Word, to act on the truth and to share the truth with other.  After all the scripture tells us, “The truth will set us free.”  Now that is something love rejoices with!


Pastor Ruth Kaunley


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