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Love That Protects

When I think about love and how it protects, I first think of my duties as a father. I have two wonderful children in whom I would protect at all costs. As they play, I am constantly watching and considering danger, or removing and ensuring their safety. If you have met my two kids, that’s a full-time job! However, it never seems like a burden, or something I turn off or on. My children’s safety stays at the utmost of importance. As they grow older though I feel as parents we begin to give a few more freedoms or allow them to push the boundaries of things so they are able to learn and see for themselves. This is hard as a parent, as you weigh the options and weight of the consequences but also know your child has to figure things out for themselves sometimes. As a Christian, we have a heavenly father who lives this out daily with us. You see God in all of his wisdom created us to have free will but has also built in the ultimate safety net for us.

As our Heavenly Father watches over us daily he must think several times, “don’t do it, it won’t work out like you think.’ I know I have said that so much as a father to my children. Protection from our Heavenly Father comes in so many forms that a lot of times it can even go unnoticed or worse taken for granted. As Christians a lot of times we think that God’s protection plan comes standard with our salvation, and to a degree it does but we must also maintain and uphold our end of things. Spending a life teetering on the edge and pushing the limits with God makes us live in the area of, “don’t do it, it won’t work out like you think” and that is a scary place with God. I want to have such a relationship with him that I know and hear his voice and understand that his protection plan usually comes with upgrades if we listen to the conditions he sets forth. How do we get there you ask? We have to constantly build on our relationship with him. Spend time in his Word and learn to hear his voice as he speaks to us. Yes, we could talk all day about the areas of life in which he protects us, and as good as that is, we would miss the main focus of how we maximize his protection in our life by living in his will.

Be Blessed,

Pastor Brandon Scott


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