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Mighty Men

God does not always choose the strongest, most able-bodied men to become “mighty men”.  In the sixth chapter of Judges is such a man.  A man by the name of Gideon.   Who in his own words, was the least in a poor family from Manasseh.  But God sent an angel to Gideon and told him the Lord was with him and called him a mighty man of valor.  Of course, Gideon questioned the angel but was finally convinced that it waw God that was putting the task of delivering the Israelites from the Midianites and in obedience to God tore down the altar of Baal and built an alter to God and gave a sacrifice as he was instructed to do.


After a bit more convincing Gideon puts an army together with what he believes is enough men and large enough to do the job, but God says no Gideon that’s too many men.  Tell those who are afraid to go home and 22,000 left.  Gideon looks at what is left and God says no, that’s still too many and He instructs Gideon to take the men down to the river and the men who laps the water up as a dog would, these you will keep and then there were 300 men, vastly outnumbered by the enemy.  But once again in obedience to God, Gideon divided the 300 into 3 groups and gave each man a trumpet and a pitcher with a lamp inside and they surrounded the enemy.  They each broke the pitcher with the lamp and blew the trumpets and cried out and God gave the victory.  All that was needed was obedience even though he wasn’t real sure at times.


What we need to remember is that God has already been to our tomorrows and fought the battles that we’ll meet.  He has wrapped the victories as gifts and laid them at our feet.  By faith we can accept them and know that it is He, that will take us through all our battles and trials through eternity.  And the only way to become a mighty man of valor is by obedience and faith.




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