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My Heart's Desire

“I would like to have some Peonies in our yard,” I told Larry while living in Rogers, AR. We had a variety of flowers that Larry had planted. I thought Peonies would add to the garden look. Fifty years ago, my mother had Peonies and I always thought they were a beautiful flower.

“OK, I’ll see what I can order out of the catalogue.”

A few days later, he said, “I found them, they are $25.00 each.”

“Oh no, I don’t want them that bad.”

We did some other searching for them, but didn’t find anything I thought was reasonable in price. So, I gave up on that project.

Three years later, we began looking for a house with acreage. We had several criteria that we wanted = size of house, price, large shop, several acres. We found a place in MO and moved in March 2020. A former home-owner had planted a variety of flowers and bushes around the property. We were eager to see them bud, leaf, and bloom so we would know what they were.

Some purple-ish plants came up in the garden area and a few around the yard. Hmm, we wondered what they were. Aha, as they grew we figured it out. They were Peonies, a total of eighteen plants. I was thrilled. The flowers were a lovely pink and white. The ones in the garden have now been transplanted to various places around the yard for us to enjoy.

God is so good. Peonies weren’t even on the list of what we wanted in a property. But God knew the desires of my heart.

“Delight yourself in the LORD and he will give you the desires of your heart. Psalm 37:4 (NIV)

Helen L. Hoover


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