My Sheep Know My Voice Part 1

Most of us are familiar with John 10:27: My sheep hear my voice, and I know them and they follow me.

As His sheep we must learn the voice of the Holy Spirit.

The verse says that the sheep hear my voice and follow me… but it also says “I know them” In other words not only do we recognize the voice of our shepherd but the Shepherd recognizes the voice of his sheep.

When we call on Him, he recognizes that call or prayer as being a prayer from one of His sheep, or children.

When my children were young, and I took them to the park to play. There would often be dozens of children there. All running around, laughing and screaming. There were always some that were crying and calling out for their mom.

You see I could hear a child calling for their mom and never even look up from my book. Why, because I knew that it wasn’t my child’s voice. You see, I recognized each one of my children’s voices. I could hear a dozen “Mommy, mommy…mommy!” And even though I was a “mommy” I was never disturbed or affected by it, because I knew it wasn’t my child calling. On the other hand, no matter how deeply engrossed in a book I might be, if I heard one of my sons crying or hollering for me, I would immediately stop what I was doing and start looking around for them because I recognized their voice.

Not only did I recognize their voice, but they recognized mine. Not one time did one of my sons come running to me saying “you called?” They could distinguish my voice from the voices of the other mothers.

You must stay in a close enough relationship with the Shepherd, that when He speaks you are able to hear His voice.

Rita Sanders