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No Other Name Give Among Men

As I was on my way home from work today, I was listening for the LORD. Just like the young prophet Samuel, It is vital that we learn to listen when the LORD wants to speak. There is an old song that I loved when I was a kid that talks about it. It went like this:

When my Savior calls, I will answer

When He calls for me, I will hear Him

When my Savior calls, I will answer,

I'll be somewhere listening for my name.

I had started off praising and worshipping God but then I grew quiet and was just giving the LORD time to respond. Jesus will always respond to sincere worship from His Bride. However, It requires us to be quiet sometimes and that is not always easy for me. I like to talk. But today, I forced myself to be still and it was rewarded. God started to show me the questions that I will be asked in the day of judgment. Who (or what) had Lordship over my life? Was I driven by thirst for money, power, or fame? Was my life consumed by a love for alcohol, food or sex? How did I spend the time I was given? What were my pursuits? Over and over these types of questions came pouring out. And forget this nonsense about "The Devil made me do it." Nope. That won't cut it. It's too flimsy to stand the scrutiny of God. With every question, the LORD showed that either Jesus was the Lord of my life or I was.

You see, we call out to God looking for many responses. We tend to think that since there are many issues in life that there must also be lots of answers and that wisdom takes many forms. God, however, is not like us. When we stand before Him, EVERY question will relate to our relationship with Jesus. God the Father will only be listening for one name: Jesus. In the Book of Acts, we are told that Jesus is "the stone that the builders rejected." He is the chief cornerstone and the only name given to men whereby we must be saved." Please notice how the word 'must' is used in this verse. Luke is telling us that there is only one answer that will be accepted to God's questions and that it is imperative that we know it. Don't be deceived by the spirit of our times. No matter what we're told:

There is only one Savior. Jesus.

There is only one path to heaven. Jesus.

There is only one truth. Jesus.

Only one way to see or know the Father. Jesus.

Jesus is already LORD. The questions from God the Father will ultimately show us whether we welcomed Jesus' Lordship or tried to sit on His throne in rebellion. Some day soon, a one-word final exam is coming. Be ready. The answer....... is Jesus.

Pastor Ed Brewer

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