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I was recently reading about some of the miracles of Jesus, and it struck me on several accounts that the favor in the situation was not shown until there was obedience to Jesus’ words. For instance, a couple common examples would be the water to wine. It did not change until the obedience was in place to serve. The same with the loaves and fishes, the miracle did not happen until the disciples broke the bread and began to serve. You see in our obedience to serve; Christ has miracles waiting on us. What does it look like in your life today? Is the Holy Spirit laying someone on your mind, but it's hard to share the gospel with them? Is there a prompting by the Holy Spirit to give of your time or finances, but it's scary, uncomfortable, or hard? Is the Holy Spirit asking you to give up something, change your thinking on a topic, or simply spend more time with him? For each of us we answer these questions differently, but the power of our obedience to God and his promptings leads to greater miracles in our lives, as well as those around us!

Be Blessed,

Pastor Brandon


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