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Open Doors

In our lives, we get many chances to do things. Maybe just things that we want to do for enjoyment, maybe a job or career that we have set our sights on and as we move forward, doors open for us to move up and ahead in life. It is always our choice in which doors we go through.

The same works in our spiritual lives,. As we grow and mature in our walk with God, doors will open and it’s our choice to walk through or not. If we do walk through, it’s our choice to use that open door for our earthly gain or to follow God’s plan for us.

In I Samuel, the children of Israel reached a point where they wanted a king to rule over them and they went to Samuel with their request. God tells Samuel to hearken to their voice and God opened a door for a young man names DSaul, who the Bible says was a choice and a Godly young man. Samuel anoints him and the Spirit of God comes upon him. Over time Saul begins to take his own path and steps out of the will of God. The verse that stuck out to me was I Samuel 15:35 where it says, “The Lord repented that He had made Saul king over Israel.” God opened the door but due to the choices that Saul made, the Lord repented. As we know, God then opened a door for a young shepherd boy named David. What struck me was that the stature of Saul was mentioned; he was a head taller that the rest but with David,m the Lord told Samuel not to look at countenance or stature, men look at outward appearance but the Lord looks at the heart.

So, in our walk with Godm, doors will open but only when our hearts are ready. AND it’s our choice what we do. God won’t interfere withour free will. Let’s choose to walk through the doors and keep our eyes on our Father. Are we going to stumble, are we going to fall at times? Yes, David did; but he repented before God everytime and kept moving forward.

Let’s be like David, always moving forward, going through the doors that God has opened. Always seeking God’s will and accomplish whatever God has for us in whatever our walk in life is.

May God always bless.



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