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Pick Up Your Mantle

At the beginning of December the Lord had me praying for callings and giftings while in the prayer room. I started thanking him for my fellow brothers and sisters, and then started asking and praying for apostles and prophets to return to the church. Oh how I long for my fellow prophets to return and dry bones to come to life and be born in the church. I continued to pray about a week or two and I was praying on my way to work and all of a sudden he took me to a battlefield. As I stared out on the battlefield the dust was clearing like a fog and I saw what I perceived at first was shields. He then gave me the idea to pick up one of the shields. I took one in my hand dusted it off. The Lord said this is a mantle and many mantels have littered the battlefield in the church. He stated there are many mantels that have been dropped and it’s time to start picking them up claiming them and polishing the mantles that have fallen or dropped. I began to weep and came back to the reality that many of us do drop the mantle and I’m not taking up a mantle that fell and keeping it safe until it is in the rightful place. It’s time to start taking care of our mantels and picking up what many have left when they walked away or passed in the church.

Amie Denning


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