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Power Filled Pep Talk

As a coach I feel as though I can give a pretty powerful pep talk to my players. Motivating them to achieve their highest potential in that moment. It gives them a power boost if you will. There are some key concepts in a pep talk that can make it or break it. I am going to corelate those to our life as a Christian.

#1) Keep it simple… If we over think things in a pep talk it becomes overwhelming and the players tune it out. In our walk with Christ, we must live by Faith, we must keep it simple. As we start over thinking our “Christian” lifestyle and all the things of it, we will get over whelmed. Live daily to show Christ’s love and walk in His Will. Simple.

#2) Keep it focused… If your pep talk is vague and off topic, you lose the credibility of it. In our lives, if we get off topic from our life and walk with Christ we lose the credibility of our living testimony. What people see in us allows them to make up their mind about the credibility of our faith. Do we walk the walk, or do we get off topic and get distracted?

#3) It has to come at the right time… if a pep talk comes at the wrong time, they won’t listen. The Holy Spirit has to become such a huge part of your life, you don’t miss the timing of life around you. The Holy Spirit will give you the perfect timing of so many things in life that you will reach lost souls, make huge impacts, and change lives with being in the right place at the right time.

#4) It has to be from your heart… You can’t fake a pep talk. You can’t fake your Christian walk. Not only will the world see right through you, but so will Christ. He wants you to be all in or all out. Sell out for Christ so in every area of your life, you put your whole heart into it. When you are reaching lost souls and changing lives, those you are speaking into will know if your whole heart is in it. It will mean so much more and be so much more effective.

Your life can be a pep talk for those around you on a daily basis. You can charge and energize a room, a situation, and business, a work place, and conversation. Where ever you are at, be a living, breathing pep talk. Be so impactful that you simply allow the Holy Spirit to pour out of you that when you enter a room, you change the atmosphere in a Godly way. Let your words be His words, and change lives with the power of your tongue!

Be Blessed,

Pastor Brandon


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