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Proclamation is Power

Proclamations are important to followers of Jesus. Thirty-three specific examples are given of proclamation by name in the Bible. Many more examples are given of proclamations without using the actual wording. A proclamation is defined as “the action of proclaiming”, “an official public announcement”, “edit” or “decree.” In other words, it is to “communicate what has been written/said with intentionality to a targeted group of listeners.”

The proclamations vary in content in the Bible. From proclamations of feasts, sacred assemblies, to calling out those who opposed God, to Esther and the proclamation for the Jews to avenge themselves, to Jonah’s proclamation to the sinners in Nineveh, the proclamation of the Good News to be carried throughout the earth, the proclamation of truth, the proclamation of the power of the risen Lord, etc. Even though the situations are varied, the proclamation calls for a decided action by a person/group that is in force…….it is a line drawn in the sand…..obedience mandated and opinions unnecessary.

You may ask how are proclamations powerful? A proclamation is out in the open, it is no secret and readily visible to see obedience, thus accountability comes into play. It also unifies focus on the task to be completed—it is clear cut, the wavering stops, because there is no longer ambience. When it is a group that hears the proclamation, it rallies the troops. They encourage and draw courage from one another. There is also expediently strength when believers join in unity with a proclamation from God. When the weakest child of God believes and acts on the proclamations of truth they are building on the Rock and not the shifting sand of the world. Now that is powerful!

When we allow God’s proclamations to override our thoughts, it leads to the path of victory. What we say and think does matter according to scripture, “What a man thinks in his heart…so is he.” However, when we are able to walk out of our reality into His proclamation of truth…..we are partnering with the almighty God…..and that my friend, is unlimited power!

Pastor Ruth Kaunley


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