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As a believer and follower of Christ we hear this word, “Redeemed” or Jesus is our “Redeemer.” This is a word that if you haven’t ever been taught, you may not really understand what it means. I like this simple definition I found in my Bible’s Concordance. Redeem means to “buy back” and a Redeemer is “one who buys back.” Oxford defines Redeem to, “gain or regain possession of (something) in exchange for payment.”

At the beginning of man-kind Adam and Eve made a choice to sin and in order for there to be forgiveness of sin for mankind, there had to be some sort of payment. In the Old Covenant (Testament) that payment was an acceptable animal sacrifice. But God had a plan for mankind to no longer have to perform animal sacrifices to cover their sins, but to go directly to Jesus our Savior and ask him to blot out or remove your sin.

You see God the Son, Jesus, knew his final mission on earth was to be the last and ultimate sacrifice for all mankind’s sin. I find it incredible, that Jesus being all man, yet all God, willingly suffered an indescribable death for me, for you and for all humanity. All that is required by us is to call and believe in Jesus Christ as our Redeemer; the One who bought our salvation and paid the price for our sin.

Pastor Emily Christenson


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