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We celebrate Memorial Day with hearts both happy and sad, and thoughts of loved, we can say for those who’ve come home, we’re glad.

We pay tribute to those who’ve given their lives. Who have died to keep us free. The young and old, husbands and wives and neighbors like you and me.

It matters not from whence they came, their race or color of skin. They fought and died all for the name of freedom for all women and men.

It reminds me of another who shed His blook so very long ago. Who gave His life on Calvary because He loved us so. He died on the cross and paid the price so we could be set free. But He’s alive and well in all that’s nice, for He rose up again you see.

So have faith in God the Father, and in Christ Jesus, His precious Son, and remember the price is paid for us all by the Holy One.

John Samson

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