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At the beginning of the new year it is the custom of many around the world to make a New Year’s Resolution. Just like thousands of others many of us will did the same. Either to change our lifestyle, healthier eating habits, or some other personal goal. According to several studies almost 80-90 percent of people have already failed at their New Year’s Resolution because they did not achieve the goals they were looking for soon enough. This can hold true for a lot of us in our daily walk as Christians.

We start new Bible studies, or we get involved with a new group study, or maybe we are just looking for a new intimate and more personal relationship with Christ. We work really hard at it for a few days, and some even a few weeks, but as time goes by we don’t see the results on our terms. That is the hardest part, the result are on God’s terms, your life is in His hands.

Pastor Sam tells us from time to time that the timing of God is sometimes more beautiful than the miracle itself. What goals did you set in January during the fast? Don’t give up, continue to pray and study to get into that deeper relationship with Christ. And really set your mind to see the results on God’s terms not your own. I encourage you today to stay with it and keep up the good fight.

Be Blessed

Pastor Brandon


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