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Rightful Place

In 1 Chronicles 15, David is finally prepared to bring the ark to its rightful place because he learned the importance of inquiring with the Lord. He has the Levites carry the ark because the Lord choose them specifically to carry the ark. 

After David had constructed buildings for himself in the City of David, he prepared a place for the ark of God and pitched a tent for it. Then David said, “No one but the Levites may carry the ark of God, because the Lord chose them to carry the ark of the Lord and to minister before him forever. 1 Chronicles 15:1-2

David had prepared a place and listened to the Lord’s specific instructions. I do not know about you but sometimes I try to inquire with the Lord but I do not always have him in the rightful place in my life. I let other things interfere and he gets moved down the list.

The Lord’s rightful place is to be number one in our life. Life gets busy and things sometimes feel like they are spinning out of control but we must continue to put the Lord in his rightful place. When the Lord loses his rightful place, we are not able to listen and inquire because we have other noises that are interfering and we miss opportunities to impact the kingdom. We must keep the Lord in his rightful place and listen to his specific instruction in our life. I am learning during this season of my life I must be intentional about slowing down, listening to the Lord completely but that takes me allowing God to be number one even in the chaos of life. 

Pastor Kendra Scott 


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