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Satan's Domain: The Realm of Darkness

I recently read a book by Francis Frangipane called The Three Battlegrounds. The author discusses how “Satan has a legal access, given to him by God, to dwell in the domain of darkness” and this grants “the devil to traffic in any area of darkness, even the darkness that still exists in a Christian’s heart.” Many Christians don’t seem to realize that through disobedience to God’s Word, and by tolerating sin, we leave ourselves vulnerable to satanic assault and the potential of demonic activity in our lives. Many declared that since they are Christians, they are immune to the works of the devil, as if they were above having any darkness in them.

To avoid the trip wires, snares, triggers, or traps to entangle us, we should recognize that the areas we hide in darkness are the very areas of our future defeat and pride is the armor of darkness itself. We are to walk humbly and submit to God and maintain an honest heart before God. “Then, as we resist the devil…he will flee” (James 4:7). – Victory begins with the name of Jesus on our lips, but it will not be consummated until the nature of Jesus is in our heart.

The realization our salvation is not based upon what we do, but upon who Jesus becomes to us. Christ Himself is our righteousness and the more we recognize that Jesus alone is our righteousness, the less the adversary can assault us in the arena of our failings. Therefore, to overcoming the devil is humility. The strength of humility is that it builds a spiritual defense around your soul, prohibiting strife, competition, and many of life’s irritations from stealing our peace. When we remain humble in heart, we receive abundant grace from God; Satan will be disarmed on many fronts.

Coming to the understanding that pulling down strongholds begins with repentance. Being able to say that Satan has no secret area inside us, and the strongholds of our minds are toppled, though we may still occasionally fall into sin, we will walk in great victory.

Lord teach us to walk humbly with a repentant heart. Enables us to be instrumental in helping others by revealing that repentance precedes humility followed by inner healing and deliverance to set us free.

Pastor Greg Volich


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