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Seek Jesus

Many times, as Mothers we can get caught up in the idea of motherhood or the lists that we believe motherhood consists of.


Well-rounded meals

Brushed teeth 

Combed hair

Perfectly folded laundry

Weekly memorized Bible verses

Nightly devotions

Packed lunches


School projects

Dr appointments

Dentist appointments

Dishes washed

Warm breakfasts

The list could go on and on and on…


A few months back my family had the stomach flu visit our home for all 5 Caseys. All at the very same time. Not the most enjoyable 10 days for our family. 


Around day 7 I began to grow weary. All sheets and bedding were needing to be washed for the 18th time that week and I was running on empty fumes from running around catching vomit in a bowl like I was in the Flu Olympics. 


Our second born, Binx, began to feel his stomach start to rumble and before I could run to grab the “sick bowl” it was too late….. sick yucky mess everywhere. Immediately my Mom brain began to go through the check list. Comfort him, tell him it’s ok, grab the towels, grab a wash cloth for his head, where’s the Lysol wipes….. you know how it goes.


As Binx is in the middle of his upset tummy he grabs my hand and says PRAY MOMMY! I replied and said yes one second let me grab this towel and he grabs my other hand and says assertively No Mommy Stop, Pray NOW! So that’s what I did. I set my child in my lap and the sick bowl in his lap and I began to pray. 


See my child knew that nothing else mattered in that moment than to call upon Jesus. In his yuckiest moment he knew it was Jesus we needed. 


Psalm 105:4

SEEK more of His strength! SEEK more of Him. Let’s always be SEEKING the light of His face.,


How many times are we found in our YUCK and get so distracted with our lists or our business that we don’t pause and say Jesus I need YOU and YOU alone? 


Jesus, May Your name always be found at the tip of our tongues.

Amber Casey


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