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Ask for rain from the Lord at the time of the spring rain. Zechariah 10:1

We most often think of Spring as a time of growth and development. The dreariness of Winter begins to fade away and hopes rise with the coming warmth and newness of life. After long captivity in Babylon, King Cyrus released the people of Israel to return to Jerusalem is they desired. Some went home, Spring had come, and hopes were high. But many had become so acclimated to their surroundings and life in Babylon that they chose not to return. Jerusalem was in shambles, it was hard work to reconstruct the temple. They lacked resources and even the energy for the task and so, the progress was slow and at times, nonexistent. Zechariah was a prophet to the people of Israel during this time. The words God gave him to say were encouragement and visions of Yahweh’s Lordship. Zechariah’s name even means, “Yahweh has remembered”. God wanted His people to remember who HE was and that He loved them.

It is the same today. God still remembers. He remembers us in our suffering and pain. He remembers us when things seem to fall apart. He remembers us when life is hard. As we emerge from the darkness of Winter and head into beautiful Spring, be encouraged today. God remembers!

And they will be like warriors, trampling down the enemy in the mud of the streets in battle; and they fight, because the lord will be with them. Zechariah 10:5

Just ask for rain…

Pastor Julia Scott


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