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Stand Out

Our recent challenge for our youth group has been to stand out. God did not create us to blend into the forms of the world. He called us to stand out and be set apart. It is such an easy thing anymore to just go with the flow and conform to the world’s standards. It takes a lot of Faith and Trust in the Lord to stand apart and be different. When we do, we ultimately see our reward in Heaven and deepen our relationship with Christ.

The world looks at us as Christians in hopes that they can find fault or even areas where they can say it’s all just fake. But when we stand out and show the world how we can truly have a better life by being different than the worlds standards, that is where we can gain some serious power in our testimony. There are so many areas where debate can happen on whether or not things are “allowed” or not “so bad” to God, but in reality, scripture tells us that we should not be doing anything that would lead anyone else to stumble or lead them into temptation.

So, ask yourself if there are any areas in your life that you need to address that may be misleading to your Christian walk. Are you causing people around you to stumble, are you doing anything that does not allow you to stand out as a Christian, or is there something that is jeopardizing your testimony? God has not called us to blend in, but rather to stand out!

Be Blessed,

Pastor Brandon


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