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Sword Thrusts

There is one who speaks rashly like the thrusts of a sword, but the tongue of the wise brings healing. Proverbs 12:18

According to the online dictionaries, the term thrust is often used when talking about knives and swords because it means to push forward quickly and forcibly. Thrust refers to a sharp stab and a driving force. When looking at the different definitions online these are some of the words that I saw: cutting, striking, cutting edges, a combat weapon, breaking through a barrier and plunge.

Fighting with a sword is bloody business. I think it would have been a terrible way to wage war. The combat has to be close, you see the eyes of your opponent and with your heart beating wildly you thrust, you push forward and deliver the fatal blow. You can’t stop, the fight is still waging on, it is kill or be killed. You keep thrusting, you keep striking and with each push forward something happens, they stumble, blood is drawn and they are weakened never to be the same. Now envision the same scene with a friend, spouse, child or even yourself. The NIV Bible uses the term “words of the reckless.” Our words wage war just like the thrust of a sword. Our words can draw blood, cause someone to stumble and even kill.

The Bible is telling us that rash words, reckless words, hateful words, demeaning words are the same as picking up a sword and thrusting forward. The wounds of the heart are as real as the wounds of a weapon. Our careless and rash words cause fear, anxiety, anger, depression and even death.

We wound each other by what we say but it doesn’t have to be that way. Read the rest of the verse: but the tongue of the wise brings healing. God tells us to ask for wisdom, He will give it freely and with wisdom comes healing. Words spoken in the Spirit, words that are patient, kind and gentle bring peace, comfort, hope and joy. Words that are spoken with self-control are words that bring faithfulness and loyalty by showing restraint and mastering desires and passions that are against God’s Will.

Don’t let your words be a thrust of the sword bringing pain but instead allow the Holy Spirit to direct and influence your life. Walk in fellowship and God let your words bring healing.

Pastor Julia Scott


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