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Take a Deep Breath

How many times in your day do you stop, take a deep breath, and ponder on it?...  Honestly it is something I wish I thought about doing more.  You see there is only one thing that God created that he breathed life into and that was us.  Genesis 2:7 says that after he formed us, he breathed in the nostrils the breath of life.... How cool is that! 

So when we stop for a moment each day and take a deep breath and allow ourselves to ponder and marvel at the amazing things God has done we are able to draw closer to him.  If you are like me, it seems almost impossible at times to find the time to stop for even a whole minute and take a deep breath but I promise you after that moment of just stopping and getting quiet, things seem to fall into place a little better. 

We are so important to God that he took the time to breathe precious life into us. We need to not let the world and all of its business distract us from appreciating it or taking it for granted.  Your challenge today is to appreciate the breath of life God has given you.  Find time to take a deep breath and say God thank you for my life, and all things you have done for me. 

The Spirit of God hath made me, and the breath of the Almighty hath given me life. Job 33:4

Be Blessed,

Pastor Brandon Scott


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