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The God of the Ark

“Take the ark of God back into the city.” 2 Samuel 15:25

In second Samuel 15, you see a building conspiracy against King David’s rule. To make it even more difficult, it was led by his own son Absalom. In a father’s heart, this is a no-win situation. David deeply loves Absalom and deeply loves the God that chose him to be King.

As Absalom continues to grow in power and presence, he gathers key players around him. News comes to the palace that Absalom has been declared King of Hebron and is on his way to take Jerusalem, the City of David. With urgency David gathers his staff and loved ones around to flee at once.

David finds out that his trusted advisor, Ahithopel, has been called by Absalom to become his advisor. David knows he is a good advisor and damage that could be done. As King David leaves the city, weeping and in sackcloth, his staff tries to encourage and support the broken King. As they are on the run, David makes a plan. He tells trusted Hushai to go back to Jerusalem and confuse Ahithopel’s advice to Absalom. David tells Zadok with the levites, and Abiathar, to help by returning to Jerusalem. There they would be the ones to listen and expose Absalom plans to David. These men did exactly what their King asked.

However, there was one instruction that was very surprising considering the seriousness of the life and death situation David tells Zadok, “Take the ark of God back into the city.” David loves the ark of God as reflected in the scriptures. It would seem like David would need the ark now more than ever, but David’s response reflects his journey with God long before this day. While he loved what the ark represented, he knew the God of the ark was not contained in a box. He did not have the ark when he killed a lion, bear or any predator that came again his sheep. He did not have it when he defeated Goliath, nor when he ran from Saul. He did know the God he praised, worshiped, and knew God’s ways and thoughts were higher than his. David trusted God then and he trusts him now. What truth to know that our relationship is not based on an object, a person, or tradition, but on our relationship with Jesus.

Pastor Ruth Kaunley


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