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The Little Things I'm Learning

· Love is an open hand

· Be Kind… Ephesians 4:32

· Be Humble…

· Live beneath your means

· Good manners opens doors

· Stop blaming others

· Listen more, talk less

· Organize…order around you helps your focus

· Daily ask for wisdom… James 1:5

· Learn from the past. Plan for your future

· Reject passivity

· Rest is an investment for your tomorrows

· Take time to be alone… come away

· Everything has a place

· Pray about everything…Philippians 4:6

· Respond instead of reacting

· Tip and share Jesus…everywhere

· Write notes to people… Sharon & Bonnie

· Let the past go! And the people. Acts 24:16

· Know when to be silent

· Strive for excellence…not perfection

· Let people go before you.

· Give away daily.

· Be willing to do the hard stuff…Matthew 16:24

· Regard people more important than yourself…Philippians 2:3

· The goal of parenting is to raise wise children

· Read Proverbs daily

Help me with my list…ENJOY

Pastor Dave Stallman


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