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The Reception of Godly Instruction Part 2

In Acts 19:1-7, we see Paul meets about 12 men who were disciples. Paul asks a specific question, ‘“Did you receive the Holy Spirit when you believed?”’ I believe the Holy Spirit was showing Paul that these men were sincere in their following of Jesus, yet like Apollos, they were missing some powerful information to help in spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Since they said they were baptized into John’s baptism, it’s evident they were unaware that Jesus the Messiah had in fact come and there was a need to learn His teachings. Paul knew the value and the need of being baptized in the Holy Spirit to give them power, boldness and direction in their life as a follower of Christ. We see that like Apollos, they openly received instruction from a man of God.

It’s evident to me, these 12 disciples were eager to learn, grow and receive ALL that God had for them. When our hearts desire is to grow in the Lord and His ways, He will send instruction and guide our paths and equip us more and more.

Pastor Emily Christenson


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