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The Rounding of Praise

Psalm 119:114 You are my refuge and my shield; your word is my only source of hope.

   ...fullness comes in the presence of My king; praise abounding from my lips- I cannot hold back and must exalt Thee. Rivers of emotions overtake in endless Thanksgiving of thy Majesty. Your honour, Your glory is my glad undoing; Thy Spirit my healing, restoring and completing. Your word, my sword in purposeful interceding- travailing’s with power- Emmanuel, God with us! Sprinkling generations coming up under the blood, and by the name above all names, Yeshua, Jesus, The Anointed One! Bless you Mighty, Holy God, in whom I live and have my being; and sets my feet on solid rock, and makes the day that I do bless. I offer thanks, and blessedness, thou insufficient is the praise for the One who saved this wretch, whose gratitude will be heard- till my dying last breath. Your goodness, Lord, a running stream, and your love,your precious love- rays of sunshine upon my soul that keep me light and make me strong- and very grateful- to the core. Encountering you sets me aright, seasons my day- colors my mind, firms up the road and clears my path. I thank you, Dear Saviour, for every working part- the one I see and the one I know not of, because you are forever working in the victories of our making, as I will and choose to do whats required from my service, and will change anothers view, of this God we do not see, but is alive and saves the lives of every person who will ask to be pardoned and forgiven...receiving Jesus as their Lord. As for me, as for mine, thy will be done for it is good. This day my words will ring about; Thanking God, thanking God! resounding- right rendition- to His heart from mine.

Pastor Victoria Volich


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