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The Small Stuff Matters

You know how when someone does something that they know will make you happy, or that they are thinking of you, or they miss you, or you are special without saying a word?

Such as the post-it note in the lunchbox, the Twizzlers laying on the counter when they come back from the store, the text sent right after you leave saying be careful, clean out your car for you, saying “you look great today” and meaning it. It is those small acts that let you know.

Did you know God does that too?

There is a song that means more than words to Russell and me. I am sure some of you have a song as well, maybe even the same one. I play it when I get anxious, or down, or just need a reminder that God has my back.

One Sunday morning I was really fretting over a situation. The house mood was tense. Tempers short. Running behind schedule to get to church on time. I thought to myself on the drive to church how awesome it would be if we sang Way Maker this morning. It had been quite some time since the last time we had sang it in church. We arrived a little late, still tense, and not smiling. (I probably should add that we were not upset with each other, just the situation.)

It was time to worship. The very first song of the day – Way Maker. I started bawling. Not because I was reminded that God does indeed make a way, but because He cared enough to orchestrate that song for me on that day! I asked Russell when church was over if that song was originally on the play list for the morning. He said, “No. Emily added it after we got here this morning”. Well of course my eyes leaked again upon hearing that.

He knows how many hairs are on your head (Mt. 10:30), and he knows what song you want to hear.

Sharon Bishop


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