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The Trojan Horse, Pornography

For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, is not of the Father but of the world. 1 John 2:16

The term “Trojan Horse” has become a metaphor that means “trick”. Even though the story of the trojan horse used by the Greeks to defeat Troy is controversial and possibly mythological, the meaning behind the story is the same. The story goes like this, the Greeks constructed a wooden horse. Often times during war enemies constructed large animal objects to use as battering rams. This time, the Greeks pretended to sail away from Troy. Unbeknownst to the people of Troy, an elite fighting force was hidden inside the horse. The horse was wheeled inside as a symbol of victory and a celebration began. Basically, during the night, the elite fighting force sneaks out of the horse and opens the gate for the rest of the Greek army that has come back under the cover of darkness. The city of Troy was defeated, all because they let the enemy inside. The enemy was right inside the strong tower of their city and no one knew it or realized it until it was too late.

The subject of pornography is a hard subject to write or even read about. We immediately put up a hand in defense. It seems most people have an immediate reaction, “that does not pertain to me”. I believe it does. We are all bombarded with commercials, tv shows, movies, social media and even with the immodest and sometimes indecent dress of people walking down the street or in the store. It is all around us whether we are a willing participant or not.

Merriam-webster defines pornography as showing or describing naked people or sex in a very open and direct way in order to cause sexual excitement.

Britannica says, “pornography - representation of sexual behavior in books, pictures, statues, motion pictures and other media that is intended to cause sexual excitement.”

Statistics say that at least 50% have seen, watched or visit a porn site on regular basis. Mike Genung wrote an article for Crosswalk. In this article he wrote that he really didn’t believe the statistic, especially in his church. So he went to his senior pastor and asked to put together a survey to prove the statistic wrong. Here is what he said:

Our numbers will be different; “half” can’t be true here, I thought. Of those who responded, 25 percent had looked at porn within the past 30 days, 44 percent within six months, and 61 percent within the year. The real statistic is probably higher; I heard later that a number of men didn’t fill out the survey “because they were afraid of how it would be used.”

Did you hear the last part? Many didn’t even fill it out because they were afraid. Pornography is a real problem and we have to face it head on. Pornography sneaks in like the trojan horse and destroys everything in its path. The affects can ruin a marriage and a home, keep people in bondage and certainly break the fellowship intended and necessary with Christ. Don’t keep your head in the sand. It won’t go away and yes, it does touch your life in some way. The enemy comes to steal, kill and destroy. The slow process can happen over time and overtake us before realize there even is a problem just like the trojan horse. Don’t let the enemy creep inside. Expose it, rebuke and bind it in the Name of Jesus Christ. He died for our victory over sin and desires an unbroken fellowship with His children.

Pastor Julia Scott


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