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The Value of a Soft Answer

There’s a verse in the Bible that says, “A soft answer turns away wrath.” I remember when I was a kid, it was one thing to get in trouble for something that I did. It was another level of trouble entirely if I tried to lie my way out of something. Arguing was also never a good idea. My parents were almost always fair and I learned early on that if I gave them the proper level of respect and just “fessed up” to what I’d done then things went so much better for me.

As a schoolteacher, I have a student right now that will never admit anything. At the drop of a hat, he is ready to go to war over almost anything. We have cameras all over the school so all of his actions and words are there for easy review. He knows that he isn’t going to win but he feels compelled to argue anyway. It’s just not in him to feel sorrow or repent. It breaks my heart since the only one that he hurts is himself.

How often are we guilty of being the same way with God? We know that He sees all. We know that He hears all. Yet for some reason, people are still reluctant to repent. Probably the greatest thing that I’ve learned from Pastor Sam is how to have a heart of continual repentance. Every service we pray in the prayer room before the musicians and singers go up on the platform. Pastor urges us every week to approach God in a continual attitude of repentance. “It’s not that we’re so sinful, It’s just that He’s so Holy…”

Best advice I’ve ever had. As I’ve learned this lesson and given up my ego, I’ve found that God truly is easy to approach when we do it in the right way. The next time the conviction of the Holy Ghost hits you, try answering softly. No denial. No arguing. Just “Yes, Lord. I hear what you’re saying. I’m sorry and I turn from my ways to yours.” As the Bible promised, you’ll be surprised how quickly the wrath of God will disappear when our answer to His questioning is right.

Prayer for the day: Lord Jesus, please create in me a pure heart that knows how to respond when convicted or rebuked. Amen.

Pastor Ed Brewer


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