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Today...The Word is Blasphemies

Truly I say to you, all sins shall be forgiven the sons of men, and whatever blasphemies they speak; but whoever blasphemes against the Holy Spirit never has forgiveness but is guilty of an eternal sin…because they were saying, “He has an unclean spirit”.

Mark 3:28-30

The word “blaspheme” means to speak evil of; defame; revile. In line with the story, Jesus is saying that blasphemy against the Holy Spirit is attributing the working of the Holy Spirit to the devil. Some people in the Bible did this including Saul, who became the apostle Paul. The great thing we see in I Timothy 1:13, that Paul said he received mercy concerning his blasphemy because he had done it ignorantly in unbelief. So, the blasphemy against the Holy Spirit Jesus is warning against must be knowledge of what is being done.

This lines up with Hebrews 6:4-6 where qualifications are placed on those who can fall away or walk away from grace. This part of scripture tells us that only mature Christians can commit such a thing. On the other hand, with blasphemy against the Holy Spirit in ignorance or unbelief by those who don’t really know what they are doing can be forgiven.

So, from our human perspective, really no clear line can be drawn as to when someone has crossed that line for blasphemies and has committed this unpardonable sin. We know for sure that God knows the hearts of all people (I Samuel 16:7) and that He will judge righteously concerning this and remember from Romans 1:28… God’s Word does show us that when anyone becomes a repro, “they lose all conviction from God”. Now, remember that anyone who is convicted (meaning seeing truth) and repentant over having possibly blasphemed the Holy Spirit has not yet reached the place where it is unpardonable or they wouldn’t care.

My prayer for you today is…keep your heart tender and sensitive to the Holy Spirit… listen for His still, small voice speaking to you and from His Word. (I Kings 19:11-13)

Pastor Dave Stallman


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