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Today, You are a Hero!

Me? Not me!

Websters definition: A Hero…ordinary men and women who see the importance of helping a hurting world in which we live.

II Samuel 23:8-11 tells us who these mighty men were, and what they did

Adino, his name means ornament, pleasure. He slew 800 with a spear. A real hero doesn’t worry about the odds, he just does what he’s gotta do to get it done.

Eleazar, his name means God-like, mighty one. He fought so long and hard that his hand clung or stuck unto his sword. When you have been swinging that sword until it’s so heavy, you can’t even lift it high enough to swing it again, take one more swing at it!

Shammah, his name means waste, appalling. He didn’t have such a positive or endearing name, might have been considered as one overlooked, but when the chips were down…he stood his ground. He made his stand when it was most needed.

Hero’s…You are one!

Heroes are not just born.

Heroes are not just made.

Heroes are not just taught or trained.

Heroes are just common, everyday people of all ages who have the courage and attitude to rise to the occasion.

Today I believe it is your time, my time, our time to rise to the place God has put us in. Rise AND Shine!!

Remember, God has called you out of darkness into His Light.

Micah 7:8, Romans 6:12-13, I Peter 2:9, John 8:12

Remember, you are an overcomer.

I John 4:4, I John 5:5

Remember, you are bold as a lion.

Proverbs 28:1

Remember, greater is He that is in you than he that is in the earth.

I John 4:4

Remember, you are a life changer!

Today, you are more than a Conqueror! Romans 8:37

Pastor Dave Stallman


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