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Today, Your Deepest needs, Your Spouse Cannot Meet it!

Four Basic Needs in your life only God can meet:

1. Acceptance

2. Identity

3. Security

4. Purpose

God meeting these needs are the basics for your happiness and peace. Jesus makes me fulfilled, at peace and happy. No person can…not being co-dependent.

1. Acceptance – God accepts me for who I am.

2. Identity – God made me in my mother’s womb. (Psalm 139) God knows who you really are! He knows my real name (John 10:3). Only God can tell you who you really are.

3. Security – God can make us secure, no army or weapon or animal can make us secure. He will keep us from stumbling but if we do, He helps us up! The Spirit of God can make us secure.

4. Purpose – I live for God (I Thess 4:1)…a king of creation. I don’t just live for a job or a person. Every day I make an eternal purpose that affects others, a place or a thing.

Principles of Transference

I depend on God to meet my deepest needs.

I depend on God to solve my biggest problems.

I am not going to put my expectation on you (anyone besides God) because I know you can’t meet it.

The Four Basic needs of a Man:

1. Honor

2. Sex

3. Friendship – buddies – wife

4. Domestic Support

The Four Basic Needs of a Woman

1. Security

2. Open and Honest Communication

3. Soft…non-sexual affection

4. Leadership…not being dominated but leading willingly and with heart in mind. Women want men to be the initiator of the home.

Pastor Dave Stallman

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