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Use Whatever God Gives You

I have found the story of Ehud to be very interesting and encouraging. Ehud? Who is that? Ehud was the second judge of Israel. Judges 3:12-20 is the only reference to him. By using what God had given him, he was able to kill the Moabite king and free Israel.

He was able to kill the king because he knew the king’s habits and used them against him. Being left-handed is mentioned only two times in the Bible. One of those times is to describe Ehud. Because he was left-handed, he was able to strap his sword to his right hip and escaped the search by the king’s men when he entered the king’s chambers. At the time, most people were right-handed, so the guards only searched the left hip. Secondly, he killed the king in the bathroom when no one was around.

This story may seem gross to some but this is a great example of being aware of the characteristics God gave you and using them in the circumstances you are in.

God, today let us see who we are, the abilities you have given us and the opportunity to use them for YOUR glory.

Gary Elrod


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