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I recently preached a Sunday night lesson on the value of something based on whose hands it was in. I want to take a moment to remind you of a very crucial part of the sermon. When an ordinary football is in my hands, it does not hold much value. Even if I sign my name to it, there are not many people out there who might value that beside my sweet mother. However, if I take that same football and put it in the hands of Patrick Mahomes, the Quarterback for Superbowl winning Kansas City Chiefs, then the value of that ball changes a whole lot. If you put his name on it, it becomes something of great value.

You are the child of the Most High God who has the whole world in his hands. However, there are so many times we don't fully trust our life in his hands. We want to do it our own way, or on our own accord. The truth is that our value in life goes up so much when we fully submit our lives into his hands. It takes us laying ourselves down daily and longing for a deeper relationship with him each and every day. What have you done today to further your relationship with Christ? Think on that and make a specific and conscious effort each day to increase your value by being in the hands of your heavenly father.

Be Blessed,

Pastor Brandon Scott


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