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Warrior: Words or Action

We are entering an exciting time here at SOH! God has called us and is equipping us to go and spread the Word outside of these walls. We use terms today, like me eating peanut M&M’s, by the mouthful. One term that I find myself using a lot is WARRIOR. I call myself a warrior but I realized I didn’t even know what that meant. A warrior is a person engaged or experienced in warfare or engaged in some struggle or conflict.

As I thought about the definition, the word warfare jumped out at me. The key part of that word, of course, is war. Wars are bloody, ugly, nasty actions where there are only two outcomes, you live or die.

So how do we prepare for warfare? Using warrior in a sentence; A program of tough training and discipline that turns untried civilians into warriors. We have the ultimate training manual in the Bible. We have the most effective chain of command, prayer. We have the perfect example of a warrior, Jesus Christ.

So, I ask myself every day, “Am I using the tools God has given me to be the most effective warrior for Him?” As it tells us in Ephesians 6, put on the full armor of God daily. Be prepared to go fight the battle as trained, seasoned warriors. I heard it put this way…every morning when I wake up, I want to hear Satan say “oh crap, he’s up”.

Lord God, I ask that each and every day I put actions to the words instead of just going through the motions.

Gary Elrod


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