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What Am I, Chopped Liver?

Our friends, John and Sue, bought a house and needed help moving the heavy furniture and appliances. Larry volunteered to help and did so for two afternoons. After the last load was finished, another friend stopped by to chat. Ignoring Larry, he asked John, “Wow, did you move all this stuff by yourself?”

Larry said his first thought was, “Well, what am I, chopped liver?” He was tired and had worked hard for two afternoons. Now he was being ignored, as if he didn’t amount to anything. John did tell the friend that Larry had helped with the move.

As humans, we like to be recognized for our work, but this doesn’t always happen. Sometimes we are ignored on purpose. Other times people are busy with their own life, may intend to say something but forget, or don’t see the necessity of giving recognition.

Pride wants to react when we are ignored. It is important, though, that we do what is right without expecting people to notice. God rewards us justly, no matter whether other people recognize our good work or not.

God’s approval, not human approval, is most important.

“O great and powerful God, whose name is the LORD Almighty, great are your purposes and mighty are your deeds. Your eyes are open to all the ways of men; you reward everyone according to his conduct and as his deeds deserve.” Jeremiah 32:18b-19

Helen L. Hoover


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