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What Does God Need From Me?

The Bible says that one day as Moses was walking through the desert, He came across a burning bush. This is where he had his first encounter with the Lord. Christ (the eternal Word of God) spoke to him from this bush and introduced Himself as the great “I Am.” The story goes on to mention how Moses was instructed to remove his shoes for he was on holy ground. The Lord then went on to instruct him and send him off to face Pharoah.

One part of the story that always fascinated me was that the Bible says “the bush was not consumed.” What are we to make of this? Did you ever wonder what the Bible is implying here? I was thinking about this the other day and I asked a friend of mine who is quite a Bible scholar. His reply really resonated with me. “Ed”, he said, “God didn’t require anything from the bush in order to burn. His fire doesn’t need our help.”

How often do we think that God ‘needs’ our help? Just think of the ways that people talk. It’s as if they believe the Lord needs their praise or worship. God is complete. That’s what the Bible means when it refers to Him as perfect. No. He doesn’t need us to get by. He doesn’t need us in order for Him to be complete. He does wantus to grow in His image and likeness.

That’s why He created us. He loves us. That’s why he graciously offers us His mercy. But thankfully, the fire of God doesn’t require our wood in order to burn. Looking back on my life,

Wow! Is ever that a blessing. Think about it.

Pastor Ed Brewer


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