What More Can I Say?

I’ve been sitting here at my computer for a while trying to hear what God wants me to say with this devotional. I’m having a small case of writer’s block. So, what do I say when I don’t know what to say? JESUS.

Jesus Saves. Jesus loves. Jesus heals. He is glorious. He is powerful. He is without equal. He has had His hand on us since before our birth. He has us in His care. He never sleeps. He never slumbers. He has promised us that He would always keep us in His sight and in His hands. Nothing gets past Him. He is timeless. Right now, He’s in the moment of our birth, He’s in our present, and He’s walking us through the moment of our death, simultaneously. He is big enough to be omnipresent and yet small and intimate enough to live in our hearts. He has plans for us and His grace is sufficient for all that we will encounter.

Even though all the things that He does for us are wonderful, above all else, JESUS IS GOD!


Even without salvation, healing, provision, and constant companionship, Jesus is worth more than I could ever say. He is God. Adjectives are nice and worship is wonderful, but the name of Jesus stands alone. It needs nothing to have unparalleled majesty. Say it out loud. Say it often. It’s the only thing we say that matters. Jesus, Jesus, Jesus….

Pastor Ed Brewer