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WHERE Are You Walking?

Where Are You?      What Storm are You Going Through?


It doesn’t matter how large or small your problem is, if it is happening to you—IT’S  A BIG DEAL.  God already knows about it.  May be… JUST CANCER, JUST A BROKEN BONE, JUST DEATH OF LOVED ONE, YOUR JOB or YOUR MARRIAGE.

These are just minute things in the hands of the Almighty God! So, just give them all to Him.   He not only made you, but the world and the universe.  Don’t you think He could handle your little storm if you let Him? Too much of the time we humans are like the cripple at the pool of Bethesda trying to handle things on our own, when Jesus walked by, he said” Get up and walk”.  His world changed!


You may be going through the fire in your life right now, God is still in control.  I was going tough a tough time not long ago. I could not figure out what to do.   In my prayer time I felt God say “Just stay the course”. The dry time was much longer than I wanted but God’s plan worked out.  Like the story of the footprints in the sand, when I could only see one set of prints, He was carrying me.


This Father’s Day season remember to teach your children how to go through storms not only by words but by the storms you’re going through.  Christian principals are not just taught, but caught……They are watching You!


A speaker told a story of how she and her husband helped under privilege children.  They found a hopeless boy who was in bad shape physically, so they provided many operations and was able to see him walk on his own.  She asked “Do you know what he is now?’”  Some said a Doctor, no, an Attorney, no “he is doing Life without parole because we spent all our time and money teaching him how to walk but not WHERE to walk.


Dads teach your children not only how to walk but WHERE to walk by your example.


Ron Luthi


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