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"Woman Behold Your Son-John Behold Your Mother" John 19:26-27

Jesus, looking down from the cross, saw his mother there. John, the disciple whom Jesus loved, was also standing nearby. John seemed to be Jesus' best friend.

While only the gospel of John records Mary's presence at the crucifixion it would be expected she would be there. Mary would no doubt have attended the Feast of Passover in Jerusalem as was the custom. Probably Joseph had passed away and Mary went to the Feast with friends and family.

Knowing her son was in trouble--arrested, tried, condemned and now dying, she wanted to be as close to her son as possible. Her heart is broken! Friends were trying to console her as Simeon's prophecy given at Jesus' dedication comes to pass:

"And a sword will pierce your own soul too." (Luke 5:35)

As Mary's first-born child, Jesus was legally responsible for her welfare. He was to ensure she had a place to live and food to eat during her widowhood. Even in agony, gasping for each breath, rather than being concerned for his own well-being, Jesus had compassion "Dear woman, here is your son.” To John he instructed "Here is your mother." John took this commission seriously and took Mary into his home from that point.

What are we to learn from this Word from the cross?

We are to love our family! First, we are to love parents no matter what. Sometimes there are misunderstandings, and we can be hurt grievously. Still we must "Honor your father and mother" (Exodus 20:12). Christ-powered love can help heal family hurts.

We also have a responsibility to our family. Being a Christian does not absolve family obligations.

At the end of his life, we see Jesus' tender love of a son for his mother. How much more we need to model Jesus' example of love and responsibility.

Johnna Wheeler

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