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Wonder & Why

Consider the gold miners that helped lead the expansion to the west. Did they just start digging for no reason? Of course not, they saw that someone else had an experience with it and wondered if they could share in that experience.

Worship sometimes happens the same way for us. We see the experience someone is having and wonder if we can have the same thing. But until we have a relationship with Christ our Worship doesn’t have a “why”. We allow our Worship to feed off of someone else’s experience.

We must pursue daily to have our own relationship so we have our own “why” for our worship. In James 4:8 the Bible tells us “Draw near to God, and he will draw near to you”. As you get closer to someone it is only natural that you begin to have a better relationship with them. The same holds true to God.

As you build your relationship with someone you begin to appreciate them more, and as you appreciate them more, you begin to find reason to thank them for the things they have done. Sounds a lot like the reason for our Worship to me. However, how many times do we feed off the beat of the music, or get caught up in the moment with those around us. Make sure to give meaning in your worship, don’t just go through the motions. Be blessed!

Pastor Brandon Scott


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