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Work Ethic

What a very powerful tool. As a coach it is one of the top things that we look for in our athletes. It is important in determining what type of player someone is going to be, and also whether or not they are going to reach their full potential. There are a couple factors that really stand out to me as a coach when we talk about work ethic and that is the mental aspect and the physical aspect. If you get a player who says they want to play basketball like Michael Jordan, they will usually spend a great deal of hours working on their dribbling and their shooting. But this is where a lot of times they come up just short because they only dwell on the physical aspect and don’t put a lot of time or attention into the mental aspect of playing like Michael Jordan. Watch his game film, how did he move without the ball, how did he handle adversity, what mental frame did he get into before a game and things like that.

As Christians, we want to live like Jesus. And honestly, I feel a lot of times we do a great job of working towards that on the physical side. We go to church when we should, we read our Bible when we should, we even love on the people around us when we should, but it is the mental training where we come up short a lot of times. We are going to face battles and trials, we are going to face situations that need discernment, and times where we have to make God-centered decisions that will greatly impact us.

As Christians we have to give our mind over to the Spirit daily so that He can direct our thoughts, prepare us for the decisions and battles we will face. Life at times can be a mental battlefield and the only way through is with the help of the Holy Spirit. Spend intentional time in prayer and communication with the Holy Spirit in the preparing of you mind for you everyday life.

Romans 8:6 The mind governed by the flesh is death, but the mind governed by the Spirit is life and peace.

Be Blessed,

Pastor Brandon


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